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Written publications by the Gloriavale Christian Community

Title Details Downloads
A Life in Common 32-page booklet on Community life at Gloriavale pdf version
10 Marks of the Church Tract showing how to recognise a true local church pdf version
Word version
The Coming of The Messiah Who is the Messiah? Answers a question many have asked for centuries Word version

Other Articles about Gloriavale

(These articles have appeared in various publications.)

Title Details pdf file
Miracle Various news reports about a miraculous escape from an aircraft crash in 1967 download
Discipline and work reward faith-based community Article from the New Zealand Dairy Exporter magazine, 2nd Month, 2011 download
New Zealand’s New Christian Community Article by Anabaptist scholar John Hostetler in Christian Living magazine, 10th Month, 1987 download

Other Publications of historical interest

(These eBooks do not necessarily reflect the doctrines or beliefs of the Gloriavale Christian Community,
but are provided for the spiritual value they may contain.)

Title Details pdf file
Does “Faith Alone” save us? Chapters reprinted with permission from the book “Will the Real Heretic Please Stand Up”, by David Bercot. Word version
Unity of the Church Reprint of a booklet written in the 1800s about the need for unity in the church Word version
Awful Disclosures Maria Monk explains her life in the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal download
The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional Ex-Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy on his experiences in the confessional download
Things as They Are Missionary Amy Carmichael reveals what missionary work in India is really like download
Thirty Years in Hell An autobiographical account of ex-priest Bernard Freyberg’s 30 years in the Roman Catholic system download

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Music by the Gloriavale Young People’s Choir

Title mp3 file
A Life in Common download
After these things – Revelation 7 download
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name download
Amazing Love download
And I Saw Under the Altar download
Great is thy Faithfulness download
Hallelujah Chorus download
I Have Found You Faithful download
I Saw Heaven Opened – Revelation 19 download
Majesty download
O For a Thousand Tongues download
Peace I leave with You download
Take my Life and Let it Be download
The First of the Commandments download
The Love of God download
Upon This Rock download
Zion is My Life download

Bible publications – King James Version

Title Details Download
Holy Bible Complete King James Version in Word format. File compressed into zip folder. download
Holy Bible Individual books of the King James Version in Word format. Files compressed into zip folder. Includes Preface and Dedicatory. download
Holy Bible Individual books of the King James Version in html format. Files compressed into zip folder. download
Plain Reasons Tract giving several reasons for using the Authorised Version, or King James Version of the Bible. Published by the Trinitarian Bible Society. download
Accuracy of the Authorised Version Tract demonstrating the superior accuracy of the KJV. Published by the Trinitarian Bible Society. download
Which version? Does it really matter? 28 page tract comparing the Auuthorised Version with other translations. Published by the Trinitarian Bible Society. download
Torrey’s Topical Textbook – Enlarged Edition The popular Torrey’s Topical Textbook revised and enlarged. download

Audio Bible – King James Version

Title mp3 files in zip folder
Genesis download
Exodus download
Leviticus download
Numbers download
Deuteronomy download
Joshua download
Judges download
Ruth download
I Samuel download
II Samuel download
I Kings download
II Kings download
I Chronicles download
II Chronicles download
Ezra download
Nehemiah download
Esther download
Job download
Psalms download
Proverbs download
Ecclesiastes download
Song of Solomon download
Isaiah download
Jeremiah download
Lamentations download
Ezekial download
Daniel download
Hosea download
Joel download
Amos download
Obadiah download
Jonah download
Micah download
Nahum download
Habbakuk download
Zephaniah download
Haggai download
Zechariah download
Malachi download
Matthew download
Mark download
Luke download
John download
Acts download
Romans download
I Corinthians download
II Corinthians download
Galatians download
Ephesians download
Philippians download
Colossians download
I Thessalonians download
II Thessalonians download
I Timothy download
II Timothy download
Titus download
Philemon download
Hebrews download
James download
I Peter download
II Peter download
I John download
II John download
III John download
Jude download
Revelation download